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Kimberly Grenfell (a.k.a. Devon Winterson) has been an avid reader of fantasy books since childhood, and has studied creative writing and editing both on her own and through college and independent classes.

Since 2008, she has been a line editor, a contributing editor, and an art director for Writer's Beat Quarterly, a free online magazine for The Writer's Beat writing community. Kimberly has contributed several articles to this e-zine under the regular features "New Writer on the Beat" and "Mechanical Snippets" to help novice writers understand and master the craft of writing and its mechanics. She has also served as an acquisitions editor and line editor at a small publishing company for two years.

Currently, Kimberly has a collection of five full-length novels (in progress) and one novella (also in progress) based in the fictional world of Caendoria, as well as a humorous middle grade novel co-written and co-edited with her son, and a handful of free "penny fiction" pieces soon available for download on Smashwords - all creations through which she has been able to apply what she's learned in her various studies.

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A very special "Thank you!" goes out to these people who have helped me immensely along the way through their support, feedback, and various services. 

Matthew Grenfell
loving husband and technical support

David Gilmore
line editor

Keely Christensen
proofreader, sounding board, and assistant director of marketing

Lucy Pireel 
second proofreader

Laura Higham 
second proofreader

Lorraine Sears
second sounding board 

Brian Hollis
assistant director of marketing

And a wonderful once-editor from overseas who was my motivator to learn and master the writing craft

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Gwen Bartok
Kate Bush
Keely Christensen 
Heather Frizzell
Matthew Grenfell
Linda Grenfell
Tau Warlock

I could not have done it all without you.