Freelance Editors

Mistakes happen. Editors fix them.

Nothing dissuades a reader more than a plethora of errors on every page. Present your work as professionally as possible through the services of these affordable freelance editors.

Yes, every author needs an editor, even the ones who are editors themselves.

Which type of editing do you need? 

Content editing - strengthens a story's underlying structure by working with its core substance (e.g. the plot line(s) and characters, etc.)  
Line editing - strengthens a story's overlying structure by reworking sentences, line by line, for clarity and flow.
Proofreading - polishes up spelling, punctuation, and (very basic) grammatical errors.

(Victory Crane has done a fantastic job explaining the differences between content editing and line editing. Please, do pop over for a look-see and for more information.) 

Please note: Professional freelance editing does not guarantee publication by any publishing company. It might, however, give your manuscript a fighting chance with a professionally presented project. Always choose an editor with thoughtful care.
Feel free to drop me an email if you happen across a good freelance editor I should consider adding to my list.

Please note: Editors listed are freelance only, not employees of IEP. All questions, requests, and comments should be directed to the specific freelance editor. Thank you!


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Kate Braun

I am a young professional writer and editor dedicated to preserving your voice while polishing your prose. I am passionate about the form and structure of language, and I would love to work with you and your project.

My services include proofreading (thoroughly examining content for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors) and copy and line editing (reworking syntax sentence by sentence to ensure that each is effective and well-constructed). The technical purity of your work plays a crucial role in landing you on a publisher’s desk, and I can ensure that you achieve perfection. I am also more than happy to help you work your way through any grammatical concepts you may struggle with.

Payment will always be through PayPal. I edit in chunks of about 10,000 words at a time (give or take) and request payment before moving on to the next section. At only $.01/word, my rates are quite affordable. For longer projects, I am willing to negotiate.

I am also available to work through Elance, if that’s a method you would prefer. My profile can be found here.

Contact me with any questions at

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K. Blake Cash

I am fluent in English. Really. I don't even use abbreviations when I text. I was the principle editor for my own book, Surviving, as well as countless papers and booklets in professional life.

I believe in preserving the author's voice, and in helping the reader hear the author's voice.

I prefer to perform a "two round" edit, in which I make an initial edit with suggestions, and then after the author considers what changes they find acceptable, I make a final edit.

My prices are negotiable, based on the length and complexity of the project. I don't edit poetry, no one should, nor do I do "rush jobs", quality takes the time that it takes.

The email to use is

I hope this answers any questions and I am here if you have any more.

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Lynn Funk

I've been proofreading and doing light copyediting for independent writers for the last two and a half years. After 24+ years in the business world proofreading and editing various types of documents, I decided to take that experience to the world of literature.

I've been a voracious reader all my life and know how typos, grammatical errors, and plot or character inconsistencies can negatively affect a reader's experience. I will help you tighten these things up. I believe in constructive criticism and letting the author's voice speak. After all, a manuscript is the product of the author's talent and creative mind. I just offer a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective. I specialize in works of fiction of any genre, but have worked with non-fiction. I do not work with poetry.

Here is a sample of some of the projects I've worked on:

A. Sparrow, Peregrin
Paul Clayton, White Seed
Christopher David Petersen, Endless Summer
Anelia Sutton, A Taste of Panama and Degree Fast Track
Kevan O'Meara, Black Clouds
Tracy Rozzlynn, Verita and Fast-Tracked
Courtney Milan, Unlocked and Unraveled

I will offer a sample edit of your first fifty pages so you can get a feel for my style. If you choose to move forward with the full manuscript, the charge for the sample edit will be included in my invoice. I charge $1 per thousand words and accept payment primarily through PayPal, although I will consider other forms of payment. Please contact me to obtain a sample edit or additional information.


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David Gilmore

I am offering my services to people who are looking to have their fiction work edited.

I'm skilled as a line editor. What this entails is looking over the technical aspects of your work (not the content) and making sure that it reads as well as it could. This includes sorting out grammar issues, tightening and rephrasing sentences where needed. While I do not focus on content, I will also make sure that I point out any clear errors in the narrative from a content standpoint.

I edit in 12,500 word chunks at a time. Each chunk, I charge $75 before moving onto the next. The chunks don't have to be 12,500 words exactly, as it wouldn't make sense cutting a chapter up, but each chunk should be as close as possible to that. Anything below or over the 12,500 word figure will be charged pro rata.

I am also willing to do edit a sample chapter for free, but if I am hired, then it will be included in the cost.


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Lisa M. Green 

As a certified educator and studious academic, I have decades of experience in copy editing on a semi-professional basis. I have a degree in Secondary English Education and teach high school English and Literature courses. My focus is on both academic and creative writing, with a solid basis in editing and revising. As a teacher and an educator, I have an extensive background in copy writing, as well as copy editing, in both formal and informal writing. A broad knowledge of editing rules and techniques in the field of novel writing allows me to provide new and independent authors with a plethora of advice on revising and polishing their manuscripts. With extremely reasonable rates that are well below industry standards, I can offer a great deal on a very valuable service. Contact me by visiting the website for more information. Stand out in the crowd with a finely tuned and polished manuscript.

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William Kendall

I’m William Kendall, a writer and freelance editor. I have been editing books for fellow writers for over a year, and have been a staff editor and columnist at an online site since 2008. I bring a writer’s touch to my editing service, which helps me to determine if the characterization feels right, or the flow of narrative is working well. I also bring a sharp eye to the table, and pick up glitches, errors, and small problem spots the writer might have overlooked.
My general style is to edit corrections, suggestions, notes, and so on in red through the text I’m editing. I tend to edit a given amount on any one project in a day before setting it aside, as editing does require a fresh mind. I’ve worked in a variety of genres, from romance to drama, and from vampires to steampunk. I am flexible and fair in terms of rates. I’ve found Paypal to be a very easy and secure system to use for payments.

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Holly M. Kothe 

I worked as an editor for Writer's Beat Quarterly, and currently work as a fiction editor for J. Ellington Ashton Press Publishing, as well as for The Oddville Press Magazine. I hold a BA in English and creative writing from Southern New Hampshire University. My debut fiction collection, Sweet Violent Femmes, is available on Amazon and Barnes and, and I've had several other stories published in Writer's Digest, 5 Minute Fiction, Blood Lotus, Tembles Magazine, Dark Gothic Resurrected, Lost City Review, and Blue Cygnus International Magazine. My fiction and writing blog can be found at

I am open to editing any kind of fiction, as well as nonfiction. My rates are by the hour, so if there is a lot of heavy editing needed, it will take longer than a lighter edit/simple proofread. Contact me to discuss rates. They are highly reduced at the moment, as I am looking to gain experience and build my portfolio to establish myself in the freelance business.

Thank you for your consideration!

Contact me at

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Rebecca Pimentel
Greetings and salutations, fellow indie writers. My name is Rebecca Pimentel (I publish under the names RL Anderson and Scarlett Jane). I have a BA in English and print media, and have been a freelance copy editor for sixteen years. I work mostly with supernatural and fantasy authors but I'm comfortable with any genre. I also tutor ESL students and will edit academic papers.
I am a perfectionist when it comes to my own writing, so I will not have overnight turnover. I will edit for grammar as well as content, and I am a firm believer in constructive criticism. Writing is a labor of love after all, but grammar is not subjective.
I charge by the hour (I edit at night after the kids are snoozing) and can finish a 300 page manuscript in about a week. I accept PayPal, but other payment forms can be arranged. Please feel free to contact me for references or to arrange a sample edit. I also love to chat with fellow writers, so drop me a line.