Indie Authors

Subjective gatekeepers. Endless form rejections. Months and months and months of waiting. . . .

Kudos to these courageous authors who have bucked the system and chose indie publishing to reach their readership. Please consider supporting them. All stories listed are well worth a read, and many of them are worth far more than their asking price.

Authors listed alphabetically.

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Evan Bollinger
The Followers (surrealistic novella)
Kenny Chaffin
Faces (alternatively, the free version is here, with additional links to short stories and poetry collection available, as well)

Ryan Day
Heart Shaped Holes

Sunniva Dee
Pandora Wild Child (17+ only) 

Alianne Donnelly
The Royal Wizard
The Beast Series 

Court Ellyn 
Blood of the Falcon - Volume One 
Blood of the Falcon - Volume Two
Sons of the Falcon

David Gilmore
The Dead Should Stay Dead (short story, plus bonus flash)

Lisa M. Green
The First 

Karen Jimenez
The Apple Tree

Holly Kothe
Sweet Violent Femmes  

Pete Malicki 
Eyes and Knives

Jo Marshall
Leaf and the Sky of Fire
Leaf and the Rushing Waters
Leaf and the Long Ice

Lucy Pireel
Red Gone Bad (a set of twisted fairy tales for adults)

Linton Robinson
Boneyard 11 

Lorraine Sears
Soul Reunion

Tami Sue Snow
A Thousand Ways to Love (short story)

Glen Solosky
The Abominable Sruvius 

Tyro Vogel
Double Five 
Extatica (adults only)

Benjamin Wallace
The Big Book of Dumb White Husband
Dumb White Husbands vs. Zombies

Andy Whitlock
Finkle and the Fish
(visit his Bad Dollar project: $1 stories about worse ways to spend a dollar)