On a More Personal Note . . .

In my indie publishing research, I have come across reader comments expressing disappointment in self-published authors trying to “hide” behind faux publisher names, hoping to trick readers into believing they're traditionally published, at least by a small press. Maybe some do this deliberately. Likely more don't. We'll never know for sure.

Here, at Imagination Ether Press, I don't aim to hide and I don't aim to fool. Yes, IEP is my own small press, created to sell my own novels, and to help support other good indie authors who have struggled with the traditional publishing routes only to have their well-written and entertaining stories turned down time and again.

No, I am not a traditional publisher. I don't pretend to be, and I don't plan to be. But I do take my job of writing seriously, and presenting my work to a future readership as professionally as I am able is paramount.

Will everyone read my stories, or even like my stories? Well, not everyone has an appetite for dark-and-gritty fantasy novels with strong female protagonists, and sure, I accept this. So instead, I'll ask this question: "Will I gain a readership?"

And the answer is: Yes. I do believe I will.