The Deeper the Lust, the Sweeter the Flesh: a small motley collection

Available for FREE - September 4, 2013

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dark fantasy short storyThe Deeper the Lust, the Sweeter the Flesh, and three other tales: a small motley collection - a mishmash of four unrelated short tales where one man's lust becomes his fatal undoing, four squirrels tempt fate and death, a forest hike destroys an expensive camera, and the author deliberately abuses a host of cliche phrases.

Cover background: Free Texture #352 from Brenda's Stock Resources, Brenda Starr - Creative Commons Licence (attribution)

Dragon: clip art design from johnny_automatic, Open Clip Art

Cover design: Kimberly Grenfell

The Deeper the Lust, the Sweeter the Flesh contains dark themes and mild sexual references.