The Perfect Player

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A forbidden tryst exposes a threat and sets a secret plan in motion, and twenty-year-old Marisa of Mynae discovers her life is all a lie. But even as a cryptic journal reveals her true purpose and a trail of hoofprints leads her to a demon renegade, Marisa balks at fate's course until evil devours her people and imperils her father's life. Only then does she learn what it takes to play—and win—a deadly game of predator versus prey. 

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Contains dark themes, fantasy violence, and mild sexual references. Mature audiences - 17+ 

From The Perfect Player reviews at Amazon: 

"I’m not going to give any spoilers, but believe me, you will want to know and like me be in awe of how completely, utterly captivating this novel is. How every word is in its proper place, how each and every sentence works and all the action, dialogue, and narration reads easy and feels real." - Lucy Pireel, "An Author Who Reads and Reviews."

"Her characters . . . spring off the page, full of flaws, complexity, hidden motives, and deep unfulfilled desires." - Court Ellyn, author of Blood of the Falcon 

"The whole world(s) of Caendoria and the dimensional characters are enticing, and the plot keeps you engaged." - Seton Benjamin 

"Vivid descriptions, great plot twists, an enjoyable read all the way to the end." - Monica Mynk 

"When the book ends you still want more. Not because issues aren't resolved, but because you want to know more about the World of Caendoria and characters in the story." - Gwen Bartok 

"Reading it twice only added more-as any good book does!!!" - Kate Bush

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